Solar Energy in the US

What is solar Energy?

Solar Panels provide clean alternative energySolar Energy is energy that is captured from sunlight for use in homes, businesses, and other energy needs. Renewable and more clean sources of energy are being increasingly adopted throughout the United States because of its environmental benefits and political pressure. Solar energy is considered to have little to no solid waste or pollute the environment. Sunlight is the primary fuel for nature.

Photosynthesis that occurs in plants couldn’t happen without our sun. And plants are the basis for just about any food chain. Algae and bacteria need sunlight and they help the quality of the air by providing oxygen and performing other functions necessary for life on earth.
As things stand the US is dependent on oil for energy. Our economy is directly influenced by the costs of barrels of oil. And oil is not renewable. Oil based products harm our environment.

Solar Panels

Our future will be brighter with cleaner energy. That will come with a massive shift from fossil fuels and nuclear power towards reducing solar power costs. The subject is actually gargantuant so we cannot talk about everything here in too much detail. We will be bringing you a whole category on this website dedicated to just Solar. But for now lets say that the massive use of solar energy will rely in the ability of scientists and entrepreneurs to reduce cost through innovation and mass production. The solar energy contracting industry has also grown as many electricians and electrical companies learn how to financially harness this vastly growing field.

Right now the best way for solar to grow is to expand on how it is already being used in homes. Single family homes use solar power to charge batteries. Those batteries in turn power low energy use fixtures. One such example is a ceiling fan specifically designed for low voltage. Lately I have also seen a significant use in swimming pool heaters powered by solar power. This may be partially due to the fact that the sun’s energy can be used consistently throughout the day. Now, speaking about residential swimming pools that are filled with water warmed by solar power; this gets me thinking about those who use it in hot water heaters. Let’s get a section going about just water heaters.